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Angela Mathias was born in Santafé de Bogotá in 1965.

In 1973 she traveled to Portugal, her father’s home-land, where she attended school. Later on, in 1985, she returned to Colombia settling down in Bogotá and starting her profession as a self-taught artist.

In 1992, along with the master painter León Trujillo and her husband Luis Zuluaga, also a painter, they created a 271 m² mural painting commemorating the 500 years of America’s discovery, at the Apostolic Cathedral of Mitú in the Amazon.

After that experience, her work achieved a new figurative dimension and vigor and her focus aimed towards nature powerfully representing plants and animals.

Since her return to Portugal in 1992, she has participated in several collective and individual exhibitions.

Many of her works are also represented in private collections.

Currently, she lives in Porto where her studio is located and she pursues her painting career of almost 20 years.